Wayfair migrate plugin for WordPress

The plugin is designed to get the values of certain product fields from the Wayfair trading platform. com and import products into WooCommerce.

It is assumed that you have the WooCommerce plugin installed and configured.

Requires product keys for the Wayfair API app.

It also assumes that you have passed all the tests to validate your app as a product. If you don’t know how to do this, check this page later. I’ll be releasing an additional plugin soon and instructions on how to do it. And after it will be released a plugin for synchronizing WooCommerce with the Wayfair site.

Fields to migrate:

— Name of the product.

— SKU.

— Price.

In the future, we plan to expand the number of retrievable fields.  The limitations are largely related to the capabilities of the API itself.


  1. If this is not an unattended installation, copy the plugin folder to /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Go to Plugins and activate the plugin
  3. You will have a new type of pages — Wayfair keys. Go to it, create a new page and in the additional fields section specify ClientID & ClientSecret of Wayfair
  4. Save and you will have the inscription Shortcode for insert in the same additional fields: [wayfairkeys id=»582″] id is the id of a page of type Wayfair keys

Create a page, add a shortcode to it. You will see a list of products from Wayfair. By clicking on the Add button, products will be added directly to WooCommerce


  1. No price is set when saving. What could be wrong?

Perhaps the problem is the separators. The plugin uses a period as the thousandth separator and does not use the thousandth separator. Correct your WooCommerce settings for the migration period, and then you can get it back.

  1. There is no data from Wayfair, although the application is done, the keys are correct, the products are there. What could be the reason?

You may still need to pass application tests. Check the status of the app from the [App Status] link (https://partners. wayfair. com/d/supplier-integration-status)

Product app at Wayfair

Create product app keys in the plug-in

Adding a plugin shortcode to a page

Page for displaying products from Wayfair and adding to WooCommerce

Added products in WooCommerce